May 26, 2024

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Why I love moonflowers: A Mother’s Day story

Moonflower 2 Motherly
Moonflower 3 Motherly
Moonflower 4 Motherly
Moonflower 5 Motherly
Moonflower 6 Motherly
Moonflower 7 Motherly
Moonflower 8 Motherly
Moonflower 9 Motherly
Moonflower 10 Motherly

Cat Willett is a Brooklyn-based artist. She has written, illustrated, and published two full-length books about tarot and the women behind its evolution. She’s dedicated the last few years to telling these magical stories in her published books. Through illustrated comics about parenting, motherhood, gender, and animals, Cat uses art to channel personal experiences with pregnancy and postpartum, as well as other topics like travel and animals. She is a regular contributor to the Washington Post. Find her on Instagram at @catxwillett and

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