May 26, 2024

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The Phrase ‘No Diddy’ Is Set To Replace The Slang Term ‘Pause’

The streets have created new lingo that is synonymous with the slang term “pause.”

XXL reports, X, formerly known as Twitter users are using the phrase “No Diddy” in place of jargon that’s used after an individual makes a statement that can be deemed homosexual.

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Rappers like Cam’ron made the offensive phrase “no homo” popular in the 90s. Social media was seemingly introduced to the “No Diddy” phrase on March 19. A guest on DJ Akademiks’ podcast used the new slang. The controversial creator interviewed musical artist Quilly.

How Did The Phrase Go Viral?

The Phili rapper inserts “No Diddy” numerous times throughout the interview.

Additionally, BNYX, a producer, used the phrase the following day in a tweet.

The song creator quoted Quilly, “I put all my guys in positions. no diddy.”

This phrase “No Diddy” may seemingly refer to the sexual misconduct allegations against Puff, specifically the charges involving other men. Rodney ‘Lil Rod’ Jones sued the Bad Boy CEO for sexual harassment and assault in February.

The record producer is seeking $30 million in damages. The music mogul maintains his innocence.

As previously reported, a settlement was reached with singer Cassie. His ex-girlfriend sued him for sexual assault and human trafficking.

Social Media Reacts To The New Slang

One commenter under The Shaderoom’s post about the phrase noted the Grammy winner would try to disassociate himself from the moniker.

@robertverified stated, “Diddy about to change his name for the 64th time.”

@eyeseeenergy_ wasn’t feeling the phrase stating, “This is honestly corny.”

Some Roomies thought the phrase was comical and fitting.

@moongard3m stated, “Unfortunately the name matches the context perfectly.”

“ we replacing, no homo, pause and sus with no diddy? got it lol,” @etcali wrote.

However, some people are upset.

“This is NOT a trend,” @justjasminenoelle wrote. “Just ignorance and further showcasing how we lack accountability in the black community. You’ll never hear a white person say “NO WOODY” or “NO CHARLIE.” 

What are your thoughts on the slang?

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