May 26, 2024

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The Million Roses Takes The Art Of Gifting Flowers To Another Level

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Source: Courtesy of The Million Roses

Flowers are my love language. Since 2019, I’ve been purchasing bouquets for myself every week as my unique form of self-care. A gorgeous bouquet can do wonders for your spirit while adding a touch of elegance to your home. Buying myself flowers gives me all the feels, so whenever I want to express love or gratitude to someone else, it’s my go-to for brightening someone’s day.

Unfortunately, most flowers don’t offer much longevity past seven days. But if you’re up for an investment, The Million Roses can last at least three years with the proper care. That’s right – up to 3 years of bright, vibrant flowers to liven up your home.

When The Million Roses offered to gift me or a loved one a bouquet of their luxury roses, I decided that was the perfect time to show my gratitude to a new friend in my life. Because the organic and preserved roses boast up to three years of bloom-time, I was convinced this was a great way to make to make an impression.

Image of 14 sky blue roses from The Million Roses in a round canister

Source: Courtesy of Jenn Norman

I decided to go with my friend’s favorite color to add a personal touch to the roses. I was also able to send a personalized card with the bouquet. Approximately a week and a half later, a box arrived to her front door, and when she opened it, she was surprised to see an elegant arrangement of powder blue roses in perfect condition.

The Million Roses is the supreme gift for all occasions

Gifting flowers becomes 10x as luxurious with The Million Roses. Not only do they work for all major life events, but the longevity is a continued reminder of your adoration for the rose recipient.

If you’re wondering why The Million Roses last so long, according to the brand’s website, their products “undergo a non-toxic process with a low environmental impact that allows roses to be preserved for three years.” The flowers come in a variety of colors, both traditional and non-traditional.

The Million Roses

Source: Courtesy of The Million Roses 

Make a statement with a single rose, retailing at $60, or splurge on the opposite side of the spectrum with the Supreme Bordeaux Suede Superdome Box, retailing at $1,150. The Million Roses makes an impactful impression when it comes to gift giving. My friend said she felt special when she received the roses – mission accomplished. 

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