June 20, 2024

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Sweet Tooth’s Final Episode Has a Surprise Celebrity Cameo! | james brolin, Netflix, Sweet Tooth | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

Sweet Tooth‘s final season is now available to stream on Netflix, but did you know there’s a big surprise cameo at the end!

Major spoilers ahead for the final season of Sweet Tooth!

If you want to know more about that cameo and how it came to be, head inside.

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James Brolin Makes a Surprise Cameo!

Actor James Brolin has been the show’s narrator for the entirety of the series, moving the story along this entire time.

How did his role come to be? It was executive producers Robert Downey, Jr. and his wife Susan who had the idea.

“It was Robert Downey and [his wife] Susan who said, ‘We want Jim.’ I had lunch with him one day and within several weeks they called and said, ‘We want Jim only. Make a deal with him, Warner Brothers. Make a deal with him, Netflix,’” James told People.

In the final episode, it’s revealed that the narrator is actually adult Gus. In the episode, you’ll hear the actor who portrays Gus (Christian Convery) repeat the exact narration text from episode one of the series.

Showrunner Jim Mickle shared about that moment, “That was a big moment for me, because when we were shooting Christian telling that story, he was so composed and he was trying to make sure that he got that story right. And when he did it, I broke down on set because I just flashed back to when we cast him and he was just an 8-year-old kid and he was just kind of a little goofball that happened to be good at this.”

He added, “Watching that evolution of him from a little kid auditioning to somebody who at the end wanted to make sure that he nailed it so that he felt good and felt like he had done what he wanted to do with the character. You could just see that he was like, ‘I know that I’m going to walk away from this scene and want to know that I got it.’”

James also makes a cameo at the end as adult Gus. “Bringing him to New Zealand and getting him in those antlers, it felt like he was really Gus, he’d really been on this journey with us. It was perfect,” one of the show’s executive producers, Amanda Burrell, shared.

The final season of Sweet Tooth is available to stream now.

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