May 26, 2024

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Sanae Loutsis Becomes a Hitman in Action Thriller ‘Kill Craft’ Trailer

Sanae Loutsis Becomes a Hitman in Action Thriller ‘Kill Craft’ Trailer

May 12, 2024
Source: YouTube

“Last week you were a straight-A student, now a killer-for-hire?” VMI has unveiled an official trailer for an indie action thriller film titled Kill Craft, the latest creation from filmmaker Mark Savage. Yet another new hitman movie to join so many others recently released, though this one is actually a hitwoman movie. When a veteran hitman is killed on the job, leaving his wife and teenage daughter without a source of income, his daughter reluctantly agrees to fulfill his remaining job, putting herself and her mother in terrible jeopardy. Of course! Being an assassin is a dangerous job and there will always be tons of people after you. So what’s new? Starring Senae Loutsis as Marina, Michael Parè as her father, Bill Oberst Jr., Isis Eggleston, Amy DiLorenzo, Cole Springer, Theresa Allen, Caleb Baker, Jason Brooks, and Ben Chacon. “Daddy’s Little Killer” is such a bad tagline. There are so many better films out there to watch than this one.

Here’s the main official trailer (+ poster) for Mark Savage’s film Kill Craft, direct from YouTube:

Kill Craft Poster

Marina is a straight-A student living with her father who is a professional hitman and her mother who is suffering with a disability. Marina’s life quickly turns into chaos when her father is killed on his mission leaving her to take over the family business & be the sole caregiver for her mother. Picking up her father’s outstanding hit contracts Marina is quick to become a target once her father’s boss learns of her new role. Marina must fight her way through the list of outstanding hits while fighting to stay alive and employed. Kill Craft is written and directed by Australian-born filmmaker Mark Savage, director of many other B-movies including Sensitive New Age Killer, Defenceless: A Blood Symphony, Circus of Dread, Kinder Play, Fertisle, Stressed to Kill, Purgatory Road, Painkiller, Bring Him Back Dead, and Hell’s Coming for You previously. Produced by Alexi Angelino, Jeff Miller, and Mark Savage. VMI Worldwide will release Savage’s Kill Craft direct-to-VOD in the US starting on June 4th, 2024 this summer. Anyone want to see this one?


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