May 30, 2024

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Room by Room Spring Cleaning PLUS Free Checklist

By: Trisha Novotny

Do the words Spring cleaning overwhelm you?  Are you thinking I can barely keep up with the day-to-day chores let alone think about taking the time to Spring clean my entire home.  Don’t toss in the towel yet until you have tried my one-hour a day Spring cleaning options.

Who ever said spring-cleaning had to be accomplished in one day or even one week for that matter?  Stop overwhelming your to do list and try scheduling one hour each day to do your Spring cleaning using one of the below options and in a matter of days you will find that the term Spring cleaning no longer overwhelms you.

One Hour A Day options:

Option #1:  One room per hour  – Create a Spring-cleaning schedule assigning one room per day.  Make a list of the tasks you would like to accomplish in each room ahead of time so that on the assigned day you are prepared to spend one hour checking off your task list as you Spring clean that room

Need help in making a task list?  Click here to get the free room by room Spring cleaning check lists  these lists are comprehensive and more than one hour of cleaning but they will give you an idea of possible tasks to add to your Spring cleaning list. 

Clikc link for  our FREE Spring Cleaning Checklist :

Option #2 – One chore per hour – Many of the Spring cleaning chores we do are repeated from room to room so rather then doing a room by room cleaning try picking a chore for each day by creating a list of the various chores you would like to accomplish through out your Spring cleaning.  

Some of those chores may include washing the windows, dusting your home from top to bottom, dusting baseboards, thoroughly cleaning your appliances, vacuuming including under furniture etc.   Schedule one chore per day and spend one hour working on that chore going from room to room. Some chores may take more than one day, you may want to schedule two days for those chores.

Option #3: Family Hour – Get the whole family involved in the Spring cleaning process.  Make a list of chores that other family members can assist in, then schedule multiple Spring cleaning days assigning family members one hour each of chores.  

Be sure to assign age appropriate chores, this is a great opportunity to begin teaching younger children how to clean.   Click here for a list of age appropriate chores.

Age Appropriate Chores for Kids



Use a portable kitchen timer and set it for 60 minutes. This helps to keep    you on task knowing the timer will go off in 60 minutes whether the you     are done or not.

Create a Spring cleaning kit so that you have all of the items you will need for cleaning in one place include in it cleaning supplies, garbage bags, portable kitchen timer, your task check list and any additional items you will need.

Be realistic in your planning schedule your one hour Spring cleaning on the days that you know you can commit to one hour of cleaning to assure a successful Spring cleaning.

How do you accomplish your Spring cleaning?

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