June 15, 2024

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One Dozen Clever Tips – 24/7 Moms

By Trisha Novotny 24/7 MOMS

Sometimes it is the simplest idea that causes us to stop and say “that is so clever “ – here are 12 Clever tips that will make you say “ Ah, ha I should have thought of that”

Bobby pin storage:  Use an empty Tic Tac container to store your bobby pins in. No more loose bobby pins in your bathroom drawers.

Jewelry organization : End tangled jewelry by hanging a small curtain rod inside your closet to hang your necklaces and bracelet on . You could even add “S” shaped shower hooks to the rod to dangle the jewelry on.

Purse organization:  Do you forget about your purse collection – Create easy access to your purses  by hanging them on your closet rod with the use of shower curtain rings.

Desk drawer organizer: End the messy office drawers by placing an ice cube tray inside your desk to help contain your supplies such as paper clips, pushpins, rubber bands, etc.  Click here for more Ice Cube tray uses 

Cord organizer: Use empty toilet paper and paper towel tubes to store your cables and cords in. Label each tube by writing on it what  each cord or cable goes to.

Candle storage: Keep your tapered candles from getting damaged by storing them safely in empty paper towel tubes. Wrap your  candles in paper towels before placing them into the empty paper towel tube. To easily identify at a later date write the color on the outside of the tube.

Snack organizer: Hang an over the door shoe organizer on your panty door and  fill with healthy and child-friendly snacks that your children are able to help themselves. 

Fresh snacks: Use clothespins for reclosing bags of potato chips, crackers, cookies, etc. to keep the fresh.

Wraps and zip bag organization – Use a Magazine organizer to store all of your kitchen wraps, foils and ziploc bags in for easy access.

Date kitchen spices: use a permanent marker to write the purchased date on your recently purchased spices so you can easily know when to replace them.  

Travel Straw Holder:  Use a travel tooth brush holder to store your straws in.  Keep it in your car glove box, diaper bag or tote bag.

Shoe Protector: Tired of shoe dirt in your suitcase when you travel?  Place your shoes into a shower cap before placing in your suitcase to keep your suitcases dirt free.

Do you have a clever tip?

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