June 20, 2024

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OMAGE California Artisanal Brandy Steals the Spotlight – Hollywood Life

Image Credit: OMAGE

In the constellation of premium spirits that light up LA’s vibrant nightlife and luxury dining landscape, OMAGE California Brandy shines uniquely bright. This distinct spirit, launched by Brand House Group in 2022, is capturing the imagination of connoisseurs with its sophisticated homage to traditional French cognac, tailored with a bold Californian twist. OMAGE’s meticulous crafting process and its nuanced flavor profile are setting a new standard in a market crowded with premium brandies, bourbons, and scotches.

OMAGE distinguishes itself by harmoniously blending the heritage of French cognac production techniques with the artisanal spirit of California. In a departure from traditional cognac, which primarily uses Ugni Blanc grapes, OMAGE employs a blend of four carefully selected California grape varietals chosen for their prime ripeness and unique flavor profiles. This selection includes Muscat Canelli, known for its rich stone fruit flavors; French Colombard, which brings vibrant floral and citrus notes; Grenache, adding a hint of berry flavors; and Mission, which offers a robust fruitiness and substantial body. This quartet of grapes contributes to a more complex and layered taste experience, offering a tapestry of flavors that engage the palate in ways that traditional American brandies seldom do.


Further setting OMAGE apart is its dual distillation process. While traditional cognac is distilled using only pot stills, which are known for their ability to create a rich, full-bodied spirit, OMAGE utilizes both pot and column stills. This innovative approach allows for greater control over the distillation process, enabling the distiller to refine the spirit’s purity and aromatic profile. The use of column stills, in particular, imparts a cleaner finish to the brandy, which complements the depth and complexity introduced by the pot stills. This method not only enhances the individual characteristics of the varietal blend but also ensures a consistently high-quality spirit with each batch.

Barrel aging is another area where OMAGE charts its own course. While cognac must be aged in oak barrels made from wood from specific forests in France, OMAGE brandy is aged in a combination of charred American bourbon barrels and toasted French oak. This blend of barrels infuses the brandy with a unique spectrum of flavors, from subtle vanilla and toasty oak from the French barrels to the bold, spicy undertones from the American bourbon wood. This strategic choice in barrel aging contributes significantly to the brandy’s distinctive taste, steering clear of the overt sweetness that characterizes many American brandies, aiming instead for a balanced, mature profile that can stand toe-to-toe with the finest bourbons and scotches.


Brand House Group’s ambition with OMAGE is clear: to create a brandy that not only pays respectful homage to the traditions of French cognac but also boldly asserts its own identity. The result is a super-premium, award-winning California brandy that appeals to a sophisticated palate, offering a luxurious alternative that fits seamlessly into the high-end drinking culture of Hollywood and beyond.

A Gold Medlist in the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and a finalist in the 2023 Ultimate Spirits Challenge, OMAGE is increasingly celebrated in exclusive circles and at selective spirits events, where its rich heritage and innovative craftsmanship continue to attract admirers. With its expanding presence, OMAGE is now available at top restaurants, bars, and nightlife venues throughout the US, as well as at major spirits retailers like Total Wine & More and independent wine & spirits stores. Additionally, it can be conveniently purchased through online platforms like Instacart.

In Hollywood, where trends may come and go with the seasons, OMAGE brandy stands out as a timeless tribute to the art of distillation and barrel aging—an emblem of how tradition and innovation can blend to create something truly extraordinary. Visit omagebrandy.com to learn more and to purchase OMAGE directly. 

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