June 20, 2024

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Official Trailer for ‘The Mountain Within Me’ Doc Following Ed Jackson

Official Trailer for ‘The Mountain Within Me’ Doc Following Ed Jackson

May 17, 2024
Source: YouTube

“I wanted to rewrite the rulebook of what is possible in life. We’re too quick to be put into pigeon-holes by society and by oursevles.” Universal All-Access has debuted the official trailer for a documentary film titled The Mountain Within Me, made by filmmaker Polly Steele. This disability doc is set for a VOD release in August at the end of the summer if anyone wants to watch. After suffering a catastrophic and almost fatal spinal cord injury, professional rugby player Ed Jackson’s world changed forever. The Mountain Within Me follows Ed’s journey on his recovery as he achieves the mental and physical heights of Snowdonia, the Alps and Himalayas to the life-altering challenges closer to home. From multi-award-winning director, Polly Steele and BAFTA and Emmy nominated producer, George Chignell, The Mountain Within Me doc film is an inspiring, thought-provoking experience about unexpected change, hope & finding renewed purpose in life. It looks like yet another powerful, moving story about proving to the world that nothing can hold you back.

Here’s the official trailer (+ poster) for Polly Steele’s doc The Mountain Within Me, from YouTube:

The Mountain Within Me Poster

Ed Jackson is a former athlete who trained at the highest level, but in April 2017 he was involved in a serious accident where he broke his neck and a serious spinal cord injury. This left him paralyzed from the neck down and doctors told him he would never walk again. When faced with life-changing injuries, Ed Jackson harnessed his determination to create a future for himself, and his family, that most thought impossible. This documentary follows Ed, and his wife Lois, as they undertake an extraordinary journey through the past and present and honestly discuss their future and the impact of living with a disability. The Mountain Within Me is directed by the British producer / filmmaker Polly Steele, director of the films Lena: The Bride of Ice and Let Me Go, and also the docs Keeping the Peace, Baboon Woman, and Rich, Russian & Living in London previously. It’s produced by George Chignell. Universal All-Access will release Steele’s The Mountain Within Me doc direct-to-VOD starting on August 20th, 2024. Anyone interested?


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