May 26, 2024

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Moms are loving Chrissy Teigen’s unedited bikini photos

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend took their family on a fabulous spring break trip to Thailand, and the famous parents shared ample photos and videos from their travel adventures. But it’s a post from Teigen that has the internet—specifically, fellow moms—cheering, and it’s all because of the proud mama posting what appears to be unedited bikini photos that is making women everywhere feel seen.

Teigen shared a “winding down dump” (that’s code for photo dump, ICYDK) towards the tail end of their trip, writing, “my homeland is magic.” The cookbook author shared adorable memories from the family’s excursion on a boat, and she can be seen posing and playing with their youngest son, Wren, aboard the boat. She’s wearing a super cute strapless beaded black bikini, but it’s the lack of filters, editing, or any other app-based alterations that is resonating with so many of her fans and followers.

“THANK YOU for posting an honest real pic of a normal mom body,” wrote one person. “You look amazing! So many of us moms are too self conscious about our postpartum bodies and worry how it looks but looking at you I understand it looks beautiful!”

“Every woman looking at this photo of one absolutely stunning mother is thinking THANK YOU!!!! ” wrote another, echoing the same sentiments. “Your unedited photo is gorgeous. You don’t even know how it helps people of all ages!” shared one more person, while yet another added: “I feel like this picture is unedited (you look beautiful), but also…thank you! Typing as I just finished a midnight grilled cheese whilst booking an orangetheory class tmrw.” (Because yes, it’s really all about balance in life!)

Others pointed out that it could be perceived as rude to Teigen herself to comment on her body at all, with one person writing, “Imagine posting your vacation photos thinking nothing of it and then all these people start commenting on your body ‘Thank you for showing a NORMAL body!’ ‘THANK YOU for not adhering to normal beauty standards!’ I would be like eff you what a backhanded compliment. Why do you need to comment on her body at all? Just let her live?! Her body is the least interesting part of this amazing person and amazing family.”

A totally valid point, to be sure. But in an era when it feels like every image we see online feels hyper-curated and filtered to the high heavens, it is a refreshing change to see photos that look like they came straight from the camera roll onto our feeds. Though, of course, it goes without saying that there’s no shame or judgment to anyone who does edit their pics before posting.

Here’s hoping the family had an amazing trip. Next time, can you bring us along, please? We’ll grab our passports.

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