June 20, 2024

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Kim Kardashian Vogue China PhotoVogue June 2024

Since landing her first Vogue cover (alongside then-husband Kanye West) in 2014, we’ve become completely accustom to Kim Kardashian gracing multiple editions of Vogue. In the past decade, the American reality TV star turned billionaire businesswoman has taken to the covers of just about every 28 international editions of the fashion bible – including Vogue Italia, Vogue Hong Kong, Vogue Arabia, Vogue Japan and American Vogue (on more than one occasion). Editors across the globe fall over themselves to endorse Kim as cover girl, and the latest is Margaret Zhang at Vogue China.


Zhang welcomes Kim onto the cover of Vogue China’s PhotoVogue supplement for June 2024, one of her last acts as editor-in-chief of the Chinese fashion bible. Kim teams up with Chinese photographer Huang Jiaqi for a “raw and intimate photo essay”. The shoot, complete with styling from Vogue China’s fashion director Vivienne Sun, results in a trio of collectable covers.

Vogue China PhotoVogue June 2024 : Kim Kardashian by Huang Jiaqi

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