May 26, 2024

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Grey’s Anatomy: The Marathon Continues Review: The Drama Also Continues

Grey’s is back from its break and it’s bringing the drama with it. Link and Amelia are arguing about Scout spending time on a new tablet Link got him. That is a struggle new parents deal with in the age of technology and AI. Amelia wants to limit his time and Link thinks the time he spends on it is ok. 

Around the hospital, we got our usual dose of tension between our favorite hospital staff. Bailey offered the ungrateful interns wellness kits. Of course, they want the hands-on approach to learning. Blue however was upset thinking that Simone told Bailey what he said on the roof. She explained that she did not. Simone also said that if Bailey wanted to make them feel better a raise and less hours would work to which Blue agreed. Bailey overheard and sent them home for being disrespectful. While being home they used the wellness kit learning a lesson. Richard is hiding behind his desk, which Catherine noticed. Mika let Helm know she was mad at her for keeping her off a cool surgery. Not to mention Levi asked Monica for a peds fellowship and she shut him down. See, tensions all around. 

Link and Monica feeling the pressure of treating Catherine’s VIP patient, Link suggested a risky surgery. What is Grey’s without a risky surgery? While in the surgery complications arose (shocker) and more of the patients femur would have to be taken. The parents understandably were apprehensive but Link convinced them with his surgery working in the end. 

“The Marathon Continues” – GREY’S ANATOMY, Pictured: Jake Borelli as Levi, Chris Carmack as Link, and Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw. Photo: Eric McCandless/ABC ©2024 Disney. All Rights Reserved

Richard and Lucas’ patient refusing care became increasingly sick and started throwing up blood. Lucas of course called Richard but when he arrived he went into full panic mode for a minute. He was able to snap out of it to treat his patient but he clearly is in need of some mental health help. 

Teddy and Mika treat a patient that is also an inmate. We don’t see that story too often on the show but when we do, the storyline is always good. Grey’s is always good at shining a light on topics that are often overlooked. The patient had lesions inside his body and there was nothing they could do to ease his pain which left Mika speechless as it was clear he was in pain for a while and prison officials did nothing. 

The episode closes with everyone resolving their issues. Bailey realizes she herself needs some self care; Catherine became jealous of Richard hugging his patient’s mother; Mika may have discovered a new passion; Monica told Levi to show more passion for peds, maybe he will figure out what he wants. As Lucas finally decided to come back to the house to hang out, Blue is moving in – into his room and maybe moving in on Simone. 

The season is set to bring the drama. Perhaps even a new love triangle or square. All remains to be seen.

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