June 20, 2024

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Go Ahead, Let This Guide to Clint Eastwood’s Family Make Your Day

While Clint Eastwood may be one of the biggest names in Hollywood to us regular people, to his kids, he’s just dad.

“I want the same thing for them that every parent wants,” the Oscar winner told the Los Angeles Times in 2016. “For them to have a good life, a healthy life.”

He has quite a few children, too—eight to be exact: Clint is father to Laurie Murray, 70; Kimber Eastwood, 59; Kyle Eastwood, 56; Alison Eastwood, 52; Scott Eastwood, 38; Kathryn Eastwood, 36; Francesca Eastwood, 30, and Morgan Eastwood, 27.

In fact, you might recognize a few of them from his movies—with Clint having worked with his sons and daughters on pictures like The MuleFlags of Our FathersGran Torino, Million Dollar Baby and Tightrope

“It’s been a great pleasure to grow up in the business and have experiences I never would have had unless he was who he is,” Alison added to the outlet. “I cherish those. It’s always difficult not to live in somebody’s shadow, but as long as you do your own thing and find your own voice, you can navigate through it.”

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