June 20, 2024

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Did They Date? Did He Write a Song About Her?

Many fans are curious if Taylor Swift and Tom Odell dated and whether Odell wrote a song for her. Swift has had highly-publicized relationships with various high-profile celebrities like Joe Alwyn and most recently Travis Kelce, and rumors have led to some fans being confused as to whether she and Odell ever dated.

So did Taylor Swift and Tom Odell have a relationship? Did Odell pen a song for Swift? Here are all the details.

Did Taylor Swift and Tom Odell date?

No, Taylor Swift and Tom Odell did not date. Tom Odell clarified that they did not have a relationship.

As per Yahoo News, Tom Odell denied the rumors that he was dating Taylor Swift in a 2014 Britain GQ Magazine interview. Odell said it was “terrifying” and mentioned that he would “have to be very in love” if he was dating someone as famous as Swift. However, he did praise Swift in a 2014 Spinner interview by claiming she was an “intriguing character in music” and that “she’s a lot more real” than people thought.

As per Teen Vogue, Taylor Swift once expressed admiration for Odell after he performed a rendition of her song “I Knew You Were Trouble” in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge in 2013. She had posted her gratitude on social media and called herself a super fan.

Has Tom Odell written a song about Taylor Swift?

No, Tom Odell has not written a song about Taylor Swift.

However, fans believed that his song “Country Star” from his 2021 album Monsters was about Swift, likely because of the opening lyrics which contain the line “a young American country star.” Fans took to X (formerly Twitter), to express their opinions shortly after the album’s release on July 2021.

It’s not unusual for fans to speculate about hidden meanings and references contained within song lyrics, but there has been no confirmation that the Tom Odell song was written about Swift.

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