June 15, 2024

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Cemetery baby name inspo may be a new trend, based on this mom’s viral video

Most parents look in a baby book or online when choosing a baby name. Others find inspiration in favorite films, music, and movies. But for us more macabre parents, we head to the cemetery. At least that’s what TikTok mom and physical therapist Haley Hodge—who is pregnant with her fourth child—posted about on her account. And of course, the video went viral.

In the video, Hodge goes on the hunt for a perfect girl name by exploring the Smithville Burying Ground in Southport, North Carolina, a graveyard that dates all the way back to 1792. 

In an interview with TODAY, Hodge told the publication that you can learn so much about cultural aspects of the past just by reading the tombstones, and exploring them was a normal part of her childhood. 

“I know some people might find it creepy, but my mother was a history buff and when we were growing up, she would take us on field trips to cemeteries,” she said. Even Hodge’s sister Cooper received her name from a tombstone, she noted in the article. 

Believe it or not, many folks in the comment section did not find it particularly creepy. In fact, one fan said she was “a gravestone baby” because her mom loved to go epitaphing. She also noted that she enjoys telling people where her name came from and to see their shocked faces when they find out it’s from a gravestone.

However, there were quite a few who believed in some superstitions surrounding visiting a graveyard while pregnant. 

“I’ve heard that pregnancies attract ghosts. I feel like this is like picking up a ghost at the rescue shelter,” one person said. 

Another person shared that it was a “dangerous game” Hodge was playing, and that the commenter would never go into a cemetery pregnant herself.

On a positive note from someone who believes in superstitions and spirit, one commenter praised Hodge and said, “How beautiful must it be for some of these souls to hear their name spoken again after so many years. I hope you have an incredible pregnancy and a healthy baby.”

So what are the names Hodge is now considering after her excursion? It looks like Vienna, Ella, Bunny, James, Julian, Winnie, and Olympus are contenders. 

Perhaps “Gravestone Baby” will be the new buzzword when our children grow up. At the very least, how they got their name will make for a pretty great story for their friends.

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