May 26, 2024

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Celeb nutritionist Kelly LeVeque spills her mom must-haves

As a certified holistic nutritionist, wellness expert, founder of Be Well by Kelly, and busy mom of three boys, Kelly LeVeque knows firsthand how important it is to have go-to products that make life easier and healthier. Her science-backed Fab Four Method–which suggests each meal should include protein, fat, fiber and greens–has helped everyone from celebrities like Jennifer Garner to busy moms like ourselves better understand nutrition and keep hanger at bay with balanced meals that don’t spike blood sugar.

For LeVeque, instilling healthy eating habits in her kids is a top priority. “As a parent, it’s really important that I know what my priorities are for my boys. For me, my biggest priority is to cultivate a world in which they love food–they love cooking it, love eating it, and most importantly, understand the benefits of their food,” she shares. This philosophy guides many of her product recommendations and parenting decisions.

We caught up with the best-selling author of “Body Love” and tapped her brain for her top mom must-haves–from nourishing snacks to kid-friendly cooking tools that get little ones engaged in the kitchen. Here are Kelly’s picks for products no mom should go without:

Kid-approved snacks

For her own kids’ snacks and to keep herself fueled throughout the day, LeVeque focuses on portable, nutrient-dense options: “If you look in my purse, you’ll probably find Chomps beef sticks or Biltong Beef Jerky, Brami Lupini Bean snack packs for my boys, and LMNT electrolyte packs to make sure I am always fully hydrated.” At home, she gravitates toward wholesome fridge staples that feature her “Fab Four”: protein, fat, fiber and greens. “I love reaching in the fridge for leftovers…whether that’s rotisserie chicken, homemade meatballs, or fresh veggies with homemade dip.”

Nutrition boosts made for moms

Even through a well-rounded diet provides a great foundation, throughout pregnancy, breastfeeding and everyday stress, it can be difficult for moms to get all the nutrients needed on a daily basis. “I am very intentional about including nourishing meals and supplements in my daily routine–especially throughout postpartum. Knowing that my body has been working for nine months to grow a baby from scratch and is now working hard to feed and care for that baby requires a little extra support,” says LeVeque. Her supplement of choice? WeNatal. The prenatal supplement, which includes bioavailable nutrients that most other prenatals leave out like iron, choline and methylated B vitamins has, according to LeVeque, “made a huge difference in my energy levels, mood, and overall recovery throughout the postpartum period.”

Still, mama’s gotta eat. And the reality is, there’s not always a lot of time to prepare a full-on meal. For breakfast and lunch, LeVeque turns to her signature #Fab4smoothie which includes a scoop of Be Well by Kelly Protein Powder. It works for that afternoon slump as well. “If I am really having cravings, I’ll whip up a Chocolate Salty Dab Four Smoothie as a sweet treat around the 3 o’clock hour.”

Be well by kelly protein powder

Be Well By Kelly


Protein Powder

Tools of the trade

Raising healthy eaters goes beyond the food that’s on their plate. Says LeVeque, “I think the most important thing you can get for your children when it comes to changing the way they eat, improving their confidence, and giving them independence is a Kitchen Tower.” Because it safely raises them up to counter height, a kitchen tower allows even toddlers to get involved in the cooking process. “I’ll have my boys help chop veggies, pull the leaves of cilantro, or even just watch as I prepare a meal. All that modeling and exposure will help them later in life with the skills to prepare meals at home and increase the amount of healthy, nourishing blood sugar balancing foods that they eat as little ones.”

KidzWerks Kitchen Tower



Kitchen Tower

Beyond nutritious foods and handy meal-prep tools, LeVeque prioritizes creating an environment that nurtures her children’s overall wellbeing. She carves out quality time to play and be active outdoors as a family, allowing her boys room to simply explore. And crucially, LeVeque protects space for device-free bonding over meals, a ritual her family enriches with the “love, learn, lift someone up” tradition of sharing daily gratitudes. By combining nourishing products with playful parenting philosophies focused on mindfulness and connection, LeVeque aims to equip her sons with healthy habits for life – mind, body, and spirit.

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