May 26, 2024

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A viral video of a baby crying for an entire 29-hour flight has sparked the child-free plane debate again

Will we ever stop debating whether babies should be allowed to exist in public spaces? No one likes hearing babies cry—not even their parents. But babies cry. It’s a fact of life. And when you are a human who exists on a planet with other humans, another fact of life is that sometimes, you have to endure unpleasant situations that annoy you, but ultimately cause you no harm—like listening to a baby cry, because that’s what babies do and they literally do not know any better. 

Whew. OK. Onto the story. A TikToker named Henry Beasley, who posts on the platform as @balubrigada, shared a video of his flight from New Zealand to Germany. In the video, a baby can be heard screaming pretty much continuously, as Beasley twitches his eye. Over the video, he wrote, “Rate my 29-hour flight to Berlin.”


Hey babe, how was your flight?

♬ original sound – Balu Brigada

Throughout the flight, he made other humorous quips about the crying, saying things like, “nice long one here, 100,” “stellar performance,” and “incredible stamina.”

We empathize with the guy—and everyone else on that flight. Listening to a baby cry for 29 hours (whether you have kids or not) is a truly special kind of hell. We also empathize with the baby’s parents. More than likely, they were trying to get their baby to settle down, and absolutely mortified that their kiddo disturbed so many people for so long.

Unsurprisingly, though, some of the comments on Beasley’s video are just abhorrent.

“Can’t you just throw it out the window,” one person wrote. 

Another wrote, “kIdS aRe AlLoWeD tO bE iN pUbLiC sPaCeS 🤪

Uh, yeah, they are.

The comments section is also filled with people reviving the age-old debate about why there aren’t child-free flights.

“Honestly there should be kid free flights and kid flights,” one commenter wrote.

Another added, “I would pay EXTRA for kids free flights.”

The reason there are no kid-free flights is because no, most people actually wouldn’t pay extra for this. You actually already have that option—it’s called flying in first class or private. The people doing the complaining didn’t pay extra for it, and that’s why they’re still sitting in coach with crying babies and being rude about it on the internet. So can we all agree to just stop having this tired debate now please? Babies don’t know any better, but you, a grown adult, do.

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