May 30, 2024

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Heal From Heartache On April 24, 2024

Three zodiac signs find a way to heal from heartache this Wednesday. Coming off of the Full Moon in Scorpio, the Waning Gibbous takes over and shows us that we can no longer ignore what we’ve recently learned. This set of Scorpio transits gets to us, and while it’s been a rough road filled with self-reflection, we can’t help but feel as though this healing of ours is taking a long time. We know one thing. The road to healing our hearts implies that we will have to go through a lot before we arrive at the place of peace.

Scorpio’s Waning Gibbous has us hitting bottom before we reach the stars, and that’s because we have to cover all bases on our way to enlightenment. This means that, for three zodiac signs, April 24 is about shedding our past to make way for our present, and while this could be painful, it might also be what gives us that true hunger for healing. Getting there hurts, but we will know why we put in such great effort once we arrive.

On April 24, we will recognize that we’ve opened the proverbial Pandora’s Box. This means that once we know, we can’t go back to not knowing. In this case, what we know is all about whatever caused us pain, even if we are what caused us the pain we feel. The healing that occurs during Scorpio’s Waning Gibbous is tremendous, but it comes with a price, and that price is self-knowledge.

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3 zodiac signs who find peace and heal from heartache on April 24:

1. Virgo

Once you heal from heartache, there’s no stopping you. During Scorpio’s Waning Gibbous, you’re going to feel as though you’ve only just started when it comes to releasing some of those demons you’ve held on to for far too long. You are changing and rapidly, at that. April 24 comes in like a tsunami and makes you feel like you don’t know what moderation is.

What all of this means is that you are in the process of transforming your life, and in doing so, you aren’t as patient as you’d like to be when it comes to forgiving, forgetting, and just plain moving on. With a Moon in Scorpio, you can’t help but feel there is no way you can stick around while making mistakes. You’ve learned your lesson and want to try your new bag of tricks.

During Scorpio’s Waning Gibbous on April 24, you will realize that it’s all about pacing and that while it’s monumental that you’ve started the process of positive change, it’s still all about the timing. You can’t rush this, Virgo, so be patient with those around you now. Where you are headed is much better than where you’ve come from; you’ve learned your lessons well. Now, get to the next level; don’t race it. It will all be just fine.

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2. Capricorn

You want to do things the right way. As soon as you realize where you went wrong, you will be so adamant about getting it all right that you might expel too much energy into trying. You figure out some very important kernel of information in your life and know that you can never go back to acting that way ever again. This is inspiring, but it also takes time to master, and during Scorpio’s Waning Gibbous, you’ll want to slow down and take it one day at a time.

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